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About Us

Mauro Cabral (Founder): 

With nothing more than one hundred dollars in my pocket I moved to southern California in 2012, in search of finding who I was and making my stamp on the world. Being thousands of miles away from my family wasn’t easy. I started an Instagram to share my journey and adventures. From going to my first rave, driving through the desert to Las Vegas or visiting my first Johnny Cupcakes store with my new friend Balde.

 I started to feel like my happy self again. Jumping in pictures became my thing. I took one everytime I visited a new place. My partner Dustin surprised me one day, when he made me a “Big Fun” shirt to match my personality. After receiving many likes and comments from friends and family on how happy my pictures made them, I knew it was the start of something BIG.

 We started making and giving away shirts and hats. Making people happy brought me happiness. I quickly realized that dreams aren’t fueled on hope but friends, family, love and support. With the help of Dustin Waddell and Balde Zamora, Big Fun Co. has become a squad dedicated to bringing people together no matter how big or small. We provide quality apparel in big and small sizes. Creating something fun -with the potential to be big, has been our mission… Big Fun for everyone!

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